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Why You Need To Spell Check Your Website

Posted on 23 October 2009 by John Britsios

One of the things which a surprisingly large number of webmasters neglect to do in their haste to optimize their site for the search engines and fill it with content is also one of the most simple: spellchecking their content and giving it a once over to catch errors in grammar, syntax, usage and those spelling errors that spell check software doesn’t find.

It’s widely overlooked but essential part of making your site appear professional, improve your site for indexing by search engine bots and most importantly of all, making your content more readable.

People look over most sites very quickly, often giving them no more than 3-5 seconds before deciding whether to read on or hit the back button on their browsers.

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression – and misspellings and grammatical errors hardly make the kind of first impression you’d want to make on your visitors.

If yours is a business oriented site, forgetting to proofread and spell check your content is an oversight which can result in tangible dollars and cents losses.

Furthermore, experts in the field report that the major search engines seem to be giving more weight to websites which are free of misspellings. If not for your readers (who should be your primary concern), you should make sure that your content is properly spelled for the sake of your search engine ranking. In a largely text based medium, spelling is essential to effective communication.

Google engineer explains importance of proper spelling

Granted, we’re not all spelling bee champions and you definitely don’t have to be to have a popular, highly ranked website. However, you need to make sure that any content which goes on your website is spell checked and gone over afterwards – spell check software does not make some important distinctions which your readers will notice: “there” vs. “their”, for instance.

But How Much Does Proper Spelling Really Affect SEO?

A good question – and one which a lot of webmasters ask. The answer is that it can make a great deal of difference to the page ranking of your website.

Aside from the mounting evidence that search engines are rewarding proper spelling and good writing, there is one vitally important factor which has nothing to do with the search engine crawlers but everything to do with your page ranking: credibility with human readers.

Let’s get back to the matter of making a first impression with your website – and here’s the real takeaway of this article: would you want to do business with anyone who couldn’t be bothered to spell check their content?

Of course you wouldn’t – and if you want your website to be taken seriously, spell checking is essential. The couple of seconds it takes to run a spell check and the couple of minutes it takes to look over your content (or have someone do it for you) can make all the difference between closing the deal and losing a potential customer to a more meticulous rival.

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