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The Best Online Search Engine Optimization Software

Posted on 26 October 2009 by John Britsios

SheerSEO is an amazingly powerful piece of online search engine optimization software. SheerSEO says that with its SEO software, you can automate your SEO with continuous tracking, and boy do they mean it!

In today’s highly competitive online marketing world, having online search engine optimization software is almost a necessity. What are you getting if you go with SheerSEO?

Current Positions: SheerSEO’s SEO software tracks multiple search terms rankings in Bing, Yahoo, and of course Google. This automatic monitoring is performed once per week, saving you a whole lot of time on gathering this information yourself.

Historical Positions: Each search term ranking in the SERP is monitored over time. Results are presented in graphical charts for easy, quick viewing.

Current Page Rank: SERP ranking is a critical factor for Google which controls over 60% of the search engine market. This search engine optimization software monitors the Google page ranking for multiple pages of your website.

Historical Page Rank: Each of your site’s page’s ranking is monitored over time so that you easily see the correlation between SEO activity and Page Rank.

Main Referrers: This SEO software puts together a listing of your website’s main referral links — the inbound links which give the most value to your site.

Current Referrers: You see the real amount of referrers that your website has in Yahoo and Google databases.

Current Social: Social networking sites are becoming ever more important to online marketing, so you are given the ability to track data on the exposure that you have on those sites.

Historical Referrers: With this SEO software, you get to monitor the amount of referring sites that you had at each point in time, all presented in an easy to read chart.

Keyword Density: With this search engine optimization software, you are shown the number of times that each of your chosen keywords appeared in your pages.

Current Indexed Pages: Monitoring this is important because one of the ways of helping you get more pages indexed is to communicate the pages that need crawling to search engines through site-mapping so that the search engine avoids crawling pages that haven’t changed since the last crawling.

Historical Indexed Pages: with this view, you monitor your website’s progress in terms of the number of indexed pages.

Current Supplemental: You want your website’s pages in the main index, not the supplemental index, of Google. SheerSEO shows you how many of your pages you’ve got in the main index and how many in the supplemental index.

Historical Supplemental: You can track the amount of pages in the main and the supplemental Google indices over time to tighten up the correlation between these figures and your SEO activities.

Backlinks Watchdog: SheerSEO allows you to define your most valuable backlinks as guarded backlinks, to prevent their being dropped or altered.

Search Terms Admin: When this SEO software looks for the ranking of a site, it searches the entire domain including all paths within it as well as sub-domains.

Pages Admin: When SheerSEO searches for your rankings in search engines for search terms it looks for the entire domain and the URLs defined here have no influence on that.

Master Account: Even as each domain is administered and tracked through a separate domain account, the master account gives you a single account allowing for easy management of a group of domain accounts.

SheerSEO’s online search engine optimization software is the best in SEO software. It will allow you to take full control of your SEO efforts!

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