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Finding The Best Search Engine Optimization Services

Posted on 02 July 2010 by John Britsios

It is beneficial to discuss how to find the best search engine optimization services and how important search engine optimization (or SEO) is to anyone operating a website today.

SEO is the process of increasing the quality and volume of traffic to a website from search engines through unpaid results. It is a critical Internet marketing strategy that aids websites in appearing higher up on search engine result lists, which in turn leads to more visitors from the search engine going to these same sites.

Website owners do not always have the technical expertise to effectively incorporate SEO into their websites. With this said, a reputable search engine optimization (or SEO) service is a solid investment.

Finding the best search engine optimization services on the market will take some work, and there are some tips regarding what to look for when hiring a search engine optimization service.

First, it pays to see how well the potential SEO service optimizes their own website. If the SEO service’s website only comes up in paid results, it is an indication that the site is weaker in unpaid results.

This can mean one of two things. Either the company feels that paid results work better for their business or that they unfortunately can’t even optimize their own website.

Next, a website owner looking to hire a SEO service should always ask the SEO service for references of both past and current customers. If they can’t produce this, the next best thing is to obtain screen shots of website rankings and other relevant material.

The search engine optimization service company’s winning awards is always a solid, positive sign as well.

Another item to look out for when researching a SEO service is to see how accommodating they are with packages.

As an example, a website owner should be able to start out with only using one of the company’s services and then have the option of adding more on when he or she expands his or her business.

How competitive the search engine optimization company’s rates are as compared to the quality of their work is another aspect that should be looked into. The majority of SEO services offer both package and hourly rates for their clients.

The website owner looking to hire a SEO service should furthermore treat the relationship with the SEO consultant as a personal type of affiliation that will necessitate either a phone or in-person interview.

Pricing, services, possible discounts, and more should all be discussed during this interview.

Another factor that a website owner looking to hire an SEO consultant needs to take into account is total transparency.

The owner needs to consider how well the search engine optimization service protects personal information such as passwords and other details.

Given identity theft concerns, the website owner may look to hire an SEO service that is also a notary company. This adds extra protection regarding identity theft concerns.

On a final note, those looking to work with SEO services should make sure that the SEO service they eventually hire makes available status reports that publish results. Clients want to see the positive search engine results yielded by working with the SEO service.

In conclusion, SEO and consequently the hiring of a reputable search engine optimization service are critical for website owners today.

It is important to follow a series of steps when looking to hire a search engine optimization company, and these include:

  • checking to see if the SEO service optimizes their own website;
  • asking for references of clients who worked with the search engine optimization company in the past and present;
  • analyzing how flexible the SEO service’s packages are;
  • treating the affiliation with the SEO service as a personal one;
  • demanding complete transparency of the SEO service;
  • making sure that the SEO service provides status reports that track results.

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How Should You Price Your SEO Projects?

Posted on 25 June 2010 by John Britsios

Research is always the first step! Decide what niche you want to focus upon… ideally, one which is not heavily populated. In this case, it’s better to be the large fish in a small pond, than the small fish in a large pond!

Know the Competition

Analyzing the competition on the search engines will help you to identify those areas of professional services that are in high demand, with little competition. Those are usually the areas in which you can most quickly establish a prominent presence.

From there, you can extend your reach to encompass a wider area, building upon that stature.

Set Up Your Plan

Lay out a plan, identifying the ultimate and intermediate goals, and the tasks to be undertaken to get you there. Establish milestones by which you can gauge your progress.

You should do this for your own SEO efforts, as well as for the benefit of your clients. Examining those areas in which you failed to achieve an intermediate goal or milestone will afford you insight as to the causes.

Be Clear to your Client

Explain clearly to your client what the intended tasks, goals and milestones are to be, and by what metric they’ll be measured. Begin the actual project with a written agreement, agreed to by both parties, that fully describes the responsibilities of each party, so as to avoid conflicts later.

Avoid Empty Promises

The results of SEO services cannot be guaranteed 100%, but they can be measured. There are, however, many variables that are beyond the SEO’s control.

Attempting to bill your work on an hourly basis is not wise, at least until you have a track record to justify it. It’s usually better to bill per task, with achieved milestones being the metric.

The Best Approach

Given the foregoing, a wise approach might be the following:

  • Divide your selected keyword and keyword phrase into two groups. The first, comprised of those with relatively low competition, can offer you the quickest results. The second, highly competitive words and phrases, will take longer, but once achieved, may offer you the greatest overall benefit.
  • Once your client has seen that you can achieve massive improvements with the low competition terms, your credibility will be greater, and they will be more willing to allocate more time and money for even greater results.
  • Your pricing for on-page and site structure optimization should typically be based upon the site size and intricacy. You should consider the amount of time and expertise level you’ll be putting forth, as well as your competition’s pricing.
  • Off-page SEO costs depend more upon keyword competition, which means that you may be incurring additional expenses when chasing the more competitive terms. It is common for SEO companies to price various aspects of off-page SEO, by unit, such as a given dollar amount per inbound link from a blog, article or press release, or a directory listing. This allows you to bill incrementally, and easily adjust for changing requirements.
  • Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other SEOs. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and if your client requires some service that is outside your current capability, you always have the option of subcontracting that portion out to another professional with more expertise in that area, or with more support staff available.

Major Factor: Service Quality

The quality of the end result is the most important factor, and it’s possible that sharing the project may ensure you of an ongoing contract.

Most SEO companies bid their projects for a six or twelve month term. If the optimization project is well done, maintenance efforts are considerably less demanding than at the outset. Your pricing should reflect that, if you value a long term relationship with your client.

Emailing a monthly automatically generated report requires very little effort on your part, and does little to foster such a relationship.

It’s much better that you provide the client with the quality of service that will assure you of a long term client, and a glowing recommendation to their acquaintances. All else being equal, it is ultimately the client’s perception of value of your services, that will be the deciding factor.

Three years ago, Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, wrote a blog post that still makes good sense. It also gives some good examples of different SEO billing styles.

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