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Importance Of SEO Tools For Generating Online Traffic

Posted on 15 April 2010 by John Britsios

If you were in internet marketing line, you would most probably know how important SEO Tools are for generating traffic.

For those who are in the dark about SEO, it is shot for Search Engine Optimization. As the name implies, SEO is vital to generate traffic for your blog or website. In SEO, keywords, title of the blog or website, meta tags and others play a role for search engine traffic.

So, if you have a blog or website and want some analysis or work on improving it, use one of the SEO Tools like SEO Analysis Tools.

SEO Analysis Tools gives you lots of information like general status, meta tag list, keywords found in anchor tags and alt attributes for images. Under the category of general status for your site, this tool informs you if there is any http errors, the type of host server, character encoding and content type.

Meta tag analysis gives the score for the page title, meta keywords and description from a rating of zero to one hundred percent. Of course, one hundred percent would be prefect. However, under normal circumstances, an excellent rating score should do well enough.

For keywords found in anchor tags, alt attributes and on the page, you will be able to view results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. As you may realize, keywords play a vital role in SEO. Hence, seeing your page ranks for particular keywords is indeed important.

For URLs found in the site, the SEO Analysis Tools gives a list of each internal and external link found on the site. Google advises not to exceed one hundred links per page. According to Google, one hundred is the limit for optimum indexing by its Google bots.

To make your site or page more SEO friendly, just make sure you edit and check the spelling of your content. Correct all the grammatical and syntax errors before publishing your content. You can use SEO Analysis Tools for each page or for the whole website or blog.

Simply spend a few minutes to test your site. There is a SEO Firefox Extension created by SEO Workers, which gives you a rare chance to test your page or site using SEO Analysis Tools. It only takes one or two clicks of the mouse.

Then, you will be able to some informative display of results based on the categories listed above. This extension is free of charge. As you may know, SEO is the critical in driving traffic to your site.

You have to drive the appropriate traffic especially people who frequently check out your website or blog. The more people who visit your site or blog, the better it is for your site or blog. If you put up free or paid advertisements in our site, there are more chances of people clicking on to these advertisements.

Depending on the number of clicks, you can earn a side and passive income. Some people make lots of money by pay per clicks advertisements.

So, check out the SEO Tools like SEO Analysis Tools to analyze and improve your site further.

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