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Why Your Site Needs Expert Search Engine Optimization

Posted on 20 October 2009 by John Britsios

A lot of people ask what SEO is. The short answer is that it is an acronym for search engine optimization; and the long answer is somewhat complex. SEO isn’t monolithic; the term refers to a number of different techniques used to increase the visibility of web pages and websites to search engines in order to make them easier for users to find.

Expert search engine optimization consultants offer services which are aimed towards this goal, including reworking the content of websites to make it more relevant to the overarching topics of the site or the particular page. They also do a variety of other work on sites which make them more readable by “spiders” or “crawlers”; the software used by search engines to index websites.

As a business owner, you may have some questions about whether professional search engine optimization services are something you actually need for your site. It is and I’ll explain why.

Suppose that you decided to make your business’ phone number unlisted. Of course you’d never do this; how would potential customers find you with no listing of your phone number or address available? When you don’t optimize your website for the search engines, it’s a lot like this. You can think of the major search engines as being like a phone directory – in fact, they have largely replaced phone directories for many consumers. If your site isn’t made easy for users to find with some expert search engine optimization techniques, it’s almost like it isn’t there at all.

Now of course, you have probably put a lot of work into making your site attractively designed and no doubt your URL is prominently featured in all of your advertising – so why am I telling you that your customers won’t be able to find you?

It’s because you can’t be sure that every potential customer will actually see your advertisements. There are always those who won’t see that newspaper or magazine ad or happen to be watching or listening when it comes on the television or radio – but everyone uses search engines.

Of course, having a website is no guarantee that your site will come up right away when someone types in a search term relevant to your business. This of course is where an expert search engine optimization firm comes in- SEO is the process whereby you make your site as easy to find as looking up your business in the phone book.

What Professional Search Engine Optimization Can Help You To Avoid

Sometimes you’ll see an example of a site which gets it all wrong in terms of SEO and web design. For example, sites which present their content as Flash animation. While there is a place for interactive multimedia content on websites, Flash should not be used in place of actual text content. Why? To answer this question, let’s return to the search engine crawlers for a moment.

The crawlers used by Google and other search engines to index your website and determine what the site is about don’t care about Flash animation, color schemes or much of anything else except for text -which is all they see. Using Flash as the means to deliver your content means that all Google will be able to determine about your site is this: that your site is there and that it contains Flash content; that’s it. It won’t be able to tell what the site is about or what sort of content it actually contains.

When your site is indexed, the crawlers analyze the content of your site. When a search is performed, the search engines scan through their database of web pages, ranking them in order of relevance to the search term used.

How exactly the determination works is a proprietary trade secret and the algorithms used by each of the major search engine is different. These algorithms are also being refined constantly; but through analysis of search engine results and a little reverse engineering enables expert search engine optimization consultants to determine what the most effective SEO strategies are at a given time.

This is why a professional search engine optimization firm doesn’t make guarantees about specific rankings within search results – SEO is a process, not a single task. It’s a fast moving world and no one can promise results with 100% certainty; but there are certain things which are known to work to improve the page rankings of websites.

Why Ethical Search Engine Optimization Is The Way To Go

If the search engines use the relevance of your content to search terms to determine ranking, then couldn’t you bring more visitors to your site by adding popular search terms to your site, whether or not they have any relevance to the actual content of your site?

Yes, you could – but only for so long. This kind of misleading SEO practice is known as search engine spamming and should be avoided. No ethical search engine optimization firm uses these methods and they can lead to your site being penalized or dropped from the search engine indices altogether; so even if you manage to fool the search engines and bring in more traffic for a while, the results won’t last long and you’ll likely end up worse than you started off.

These are some of the less than ethical SEO techniques which should be avoided:

  • Dynamically created doorway pages;
  • Hidden links/text;
  • Duplicate content;
  • Keyword stuffing with relevant or irrelevant keywords;
  • Link cloaking and hidden redirects;
  • Anything else used deliberately in the attempt to trick search engines.

Stick with ethical search engine optimization methodologies instead. The results may take a little longer to materialize, but they’ll be lasting and won’t result in your site being blacklisted by search engines.

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Building Your Online Presence With Ethical SEO

Posted on 20 October 2009 by John Britsios

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) can’t do it all. The process of optimizing a page can help raise its profile and get it higher up in the list of results returned by search engines, but there are no iron clad guarantees with SEO, which is why no ethical SEO firm will promise to get your page into the #1 spot on Google, Yahoo or Bing results pages.

SEO is a process more so than it is a single task and it can take some time to see the results of on-site or off-site optimization efforts. Ethical search engine optimization consultants offer their best efforts, not guarantees.

The work of a SEO expert who uses ethical best practices for search engine optimization can significantly increase your website’s search engine rankings, but it may be the case that you won’t see the results you’d hoped for immediately.

It can take weeks, even months before you really start to see the difference – and of course, we’re all used to instant gratification and there are many who are unwilling to wait. For better or worse, this is one of those things which simply takes time.

Of course, there are SEO consultants who will tell you that you can get your site into the first page of Google results almost overnight. You might want to back away slowly from these consultants, for reasons I’ll explain below.

It is true that there are ways to boost the page ranking of a website very quickly – as long as you’re not concerned with lasting results or with having your website visible to users through the major search engines, that is. You may have heard of something called search engine spamming.

It’s a set of techniques which no ethical SEO consultant would use; but not everyone out there selling SEO services adheres to ethical practices.

These spamming techniques include some things which businesses occasionally ask SEO consultants to do, such as creating “ghost” pages, cramming the content on their site with far too many keywords or using link directories (often called link farms in the business)to build page ranking.

An ethical SEO consultant or firm will always let you know if something you’re interested in making a part of your campaign might actually harm your page ranking.

The problem with these kinds of unethical “black hat” methodologies is that the search engines will penalize these behaviors. If your site is engaging in these kinds of SEO practices, they may penalize your site by lowering its page ranking or even dropping your site from the index, making it invisible through that search engine – hardly what you’d hoped for.

One thing that an ethical search engine optimization will tell you is that SEO is just one piece of the puzzle of building your company’s online presence.

The search engines are important, but you also need to make your website appealing to your visitors with content which they will find useful and informative. It doesn’t matter if your website comes in at #1 in all of the major search engines if your content isn’t compelling enough to close the deal.

If you’re trying to establish an online presence for your business which brings you a satisfactory return on your investment, you’ll need to take a longer view with your marketing strategy. Work with firms who only use only ethical SEO methodologies in order to make sure that your site makes its way up the search engine rankings – from there, it’s up to you to make your visitors into customers.

Just beware of any SEO consultants who promise you #1 page rankings or tell you that they have some sort of special relationship with Google or any of the other major search engines; these so-called experts are planning to take you to a ride which may end up at the very bottom of the search results.

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