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Webnauts Launches New ThinkTank Community

Posted on 25 June 2010 by John Britsios

Webnauts, known to some as John Britsios, has launched an innovative community forum.

After much preparation, and the considerable expertise of the SEO Workers staff, the community was opened two weeks ago, billing itself as the ideal venue for the who’s-who of web technology and internet marketing.

Its focus is to provide a secure, productive place for high level experts to get together and share ideas, analyzes, and recent developments. No more waiting for the next conference date to roll around.

John promises, “zero-tolerance for spammers, link-droppers and nonsense posts.”

This is a community for advance SEO, web development and internet marketing,” says John, “and my team and I are going to be sure to give these guys the kind of atmosphere where they can interact and enjoy it.

Britsios calls it a high-level, no-nonsense professional community. He knows, from experience, that web experts are pressed for time, and don’t want to waste what little they have, wading through senseless posts on a typical forum. That’s why he’s designed this one especially for them.

It will be tightly managed, as a resource, so that they can run their ideas by other professionals, discuss recent industry developments and share opinions. Whether it’s coding, advanced optimization techniques or marketing styles, they’ll find someone else there, capable of discussing it at their level.

Britsios says there are no ads on the community forum, and he expects his staff to be very strict about keeping the atmosphere professional. “This community,” he says, “is for the people, after all, that LEAD the industry, not follow it.

He says his members have begun to form working relationships, and have already achieved some innovative solutions to some thorny problems.

If you’re an internet professional, and are accustomed to working at an advanced, cutting-edge level, then you need to check out the SEO Workers Web Technologies and Internet Marketing Forums.

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