Improving Your Web Copywriting

Posted on 19 December 2010 by John Britsios

Think about reading web copywriting on the computer. Eyes tire quickly when viewing a screen. Reading short paragraphs with identifiable information is easier.

Identify information useful to the searcher. Sub-headings tell the reader exactly where to find it. Make sure each paragraph concisely addresses the topic.

Improving Readability and Writing Concisely

The reading level of an article affects the speed it is read. A basic level article has shorter sentences and simpler words. The majority of searchers can understand and read it.

It is time-consuming to find an on-topic article. People want to save time and obtain easily understood information. Additionally, many web searchers are not native English speakers.

Check the number of characters as you write sentences. Modify sentences when necessary. Use actionable, present tense verbs, and make sure every word is essential.

Do sentences need to be even shorter? Eliminate “that” when possible. Choose the shortest verb expressing your meaning.

Look at the beginning of your sentence. Did you get to the point immediately? Web readers do not need a long introduction; they want quick facts.

Readers are Searchers: Importance of Semantically Related Words

These are words and phrases that are similar. Using them makes articles more intriguing. They also expand the likelihood of searchers finding articles.

The Web’s Interaction with Phrase-based Documents

The web categorizes and retrieves articles based on phrases. Certain programs even identify spam by phrases. Structural keyword proximity allows recognition of word relationships.

SEO Metric: Link Placement

When using links, keep in mind that placement is vital. Links in text near an article’s beginning increase their value. The beginning must interest the reader and keep him engaged.

However, avoid being too repetitive by overusing keywords. Redundant keywords may bore or lose your reader.

Avoid Writing a Document Near Duplicate and Strive for Perfection

Provide the reader with new insight or practical tips. Using scraped content from another source makes articles unoriginal. Search engines can detect plagiarized information.

Professionals should go beyond basic spell check. It will not find improper usage of correctly spelled words.

Investigate and use tools that improve your writing. Some are free. Other services charge but aid beyond plagiarism checks and grammar.

If articles are not fresh, they will not hold anyone’s attention. It is difficult to market a product if you lose your audience. Customers evaluate your reputation from what they read.

Read your article before submitting it. If possible proofread several hours or a day after writing it.

Read for content, organization and clarity. Ask yourself if the article covers the subject. Identify additional information readers should know, and include it.

Finally, review your article for density and keywords. Make changes so your web copywriting meets the client’s requirements.

Author: John Britsios

Founder and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of SEO Workers and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Webnauts Net, a qualified Forensic SEO & Social Semantic Web Consultant, specializing in Semantic, Forensic & Technical Predictive Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Web Content Accessibility, Usability Testing, Social Semantic Web based Responsive Web Design & Ecommerce Development, Conversion Rate Optimization.

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    • Content Writing India

      As someone who’s had a lot of experience in tailoring content for websites, I agree with the fact that using keywords in a non intrusive manner can be very useful when it comes to copywriting.

      It’s true that keywords are important, but on-page SEO can only take things so far, it’s off-page SEO that matters! Keeping the sentences easy to read will also go a long way, because copywriting is NOT somewhere where the writer can show his vocab. Remember, the common man only knows so many words.

    • web copywriter

      We all know, A good web copywriter-in-print that makes people grabbing reader by the eyeballs and not letting him go until he is persuaded to grab his wallet and beg you to rush him your product. And that’s what this site is providing. It’s really helpful.

    • Currency Broker Guy

      Good information! I think though that appealing to the lowest common denominator can give the impression that you’re either stupid or condescending. For some topics it’s simply more appropriate to assume that readers can handle more.

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